Desk Atlas of the United States

Desk Atlas of the United States


The Desk Atlas of the United States is an intriguing book of maps, history, facts and symbols of each of the 50 American states.

Information for each state includes:

  • Summary of Climate, Geography and Features
  • State Quarters, Flags and Seals
  • Date of Statehood, Mottos and Symbols
  • Beautiful Physical Maps
  • Favorite Tourist Destinations
  • Features on Significant Historical Events and People
  • Timeline of Key Events
  • And Much More! 

Large (9.625" x 12"), full-color, immersive design will inspire kids to explore our great nation.

“If this were simply another atlas of the United States, it would be fair to ask, “Who needs another atlas of the United States?” But, this is not just another atlas. This is the most visually stunning atlas I have ever seen! I could get lost in this book. There is enough information about our country—as well as every State—to absorb my attention for hours. Nothing has been left out. I love atlases, and this is the very best Atlas of America I have ever seen.”

—Chris Davis
Author: Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally Owner:

“In addition to being visually delightful, this atlas is an informational bonanza for state identities and histories, all presented in a colorful, highly readable format. I must ask, Where Should We Then Go?”

—Jan Bloom
Author: Who Should We Then Read?

“After reviewing dozens of atlases, the Desk Atlas of the United States by Geography Matters is the atlas of choice for my children and for my business! Not only is it beautiful, but highly educational... I am sure my children will spend hours reading all the fun facts and details.”

—Shirley Solis
Author: Not Just Tacos
Owner: Lifetime Books & Gifts


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Publisher: Geography Matters
ISBN: 9781931397728
Edition: 2019
Product: GMi427
Format: Paperback
Size: 9.625" x 12"
Pages: 132

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