Atlas of World Geography- Slightly Damaged Cover

Atlas of World Geography- Slightly Damaged Cover

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Rand McNally's Atlas of World Geography (2009 Edition) provides engaging and richly illustrated geographic information for secondary students from grades 6-12.

Thematic maps, graphs and charts help present a more complete portrait of our physical and political world.

Recommended for upper elementary and high school students, this atlas can serve as a companion to classroom materials, as a stand-alone study guide, or as a general home reference!

  • More than 65 highly detailed physical and political maps
  • Thematic maps show plate tectonics, population, land use, climate, and more
  • Pages of graphs, charts, and tables provide comparative information about physical, political, economic, and cultural features of the world
  • Glossary and comprehensive index for making full use of maps
  • Secondary atlas geared for students from sixth through 12th grades

This atlas is used for the Secondary Trail (high school) Trail Guide to World Geography as well a for the high school level Conquering the Continents course in The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide.

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Publisher: Rand McNally
Product: XRM-7920

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