Not Just Tacos

Not Just Tacos

by Shirley Solis


More than a cookbook! With the pages of this book, Shirley Solis takes you on a tour of Latin America without ever leaving your kitchen. Prepare to enjoy the delicious and flavorful world of Latin American cuisine. What's more, Shirley introduces you to the most popular dishes across the Hispanic culture.

With amazing photographs, fun facts from every country, a picture for every dish, easy to find ingredients and easy to follow instructions, the flavors and customs of Latinos are within your reach. And, as a Hispanic living in the United States, Shirley adds preparation tips, pronunciation helps, cultural insights, popular spices, and more!

Publisher: Avoley Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780982982617
Edition: 2012
Product: AV100
Format: Hardback
Size: 7.25" x 9.25"
Pages: 229

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