Rethink Geography [World] Deluxe Kit

Rethink Geography [World] Deluxe Kit

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Available Summer 2022!

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Planet Earth is a spectacular and magnificent place to study. It is perfectly suited to sustain human life along with hundreds of millions of other species of plants and animals and provides an abundance of natural resources. To effectively study geography students will come in contact with how lifestyles, resources, climate, animals and so much more are impacted by the geography of each place. All nations and nationalities have their own unique features and awe-inspiring beauty. In this course students will learn to discover the splendor of this place we call home.

Rethink Geography presents a multi-level, systematic way for 4th-12th grade students to study geography. Thirty weeks of atlas practice, reading and labeling maps, and journaling their discoveries, develop life long learning skills. Inclusion of art and food culture, plus additional study topics help make connections naturally.

Students are active learners throughout this course, enriching each child’s ability to think critically and spanning all learning styles. Quite easy to implement, most students will work independently. The typical three-day week can easily be adapted for any schedule. High school students and those with more than three days for geography take their study deeper through Points of Interest and other Making Connections assignments.


  • Multi-level allows family members to learn together
  • Daily use of the atlas as reference
  • Regular mapping exercises with writing on blank maps
  • Creative expression for various learning styles
  • Simple to follow week and day format
  • Most students work independently
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Three day weekly schedule, easily adapted for more or less


Students begin each week on day one using an atlas to label large continent maps, while learning locations of places, landforms, and bodies of water. The two-sided maps, available in a set of 14 maps, feature outlines of the continent on one side and color physical relief on the reverse.

Atlas Drills

Back in the atlas again on days two and three, students answer questions associated with the countries on the weekly list.

Travel Journal

Students are on a quest to discover what makes planet Earth special. As they explore each continent they will make journal entries about landmarks wildlife, people and cultures, natural resources, and more. Keeping a journal is a great life-long habit. The Travel Journal available in three levels is designed to gently help students develop this routine while also creating a great study tool.

Making Connections

Students develop an understanding of world cultures through art projects, international foods, and additional research opportunities. They will learn about people and how they are impacted by the geography. Assigned on days three and beyond, this section references additional companion resources for completing assignments.


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