The Handbook of Nature Study

The Handbook of Nature Study

by Anna Botsford Comstock


This book was our family's favorite resource on camping trips as we learned about the nature surrounding our campsite and nearby hiking trails. We love Mrs. Comstock's perspective and fascinating (and accurate) descriptions of animal behavior. Her choices of poems interspersed here and there add to this well thought out guide.

A matchless handbook for decades, this classic has been the natural history bible for countless teachers and others who seek information about their natural environment. Written originally for those elementary school teachers who knew little of common plants and animals, and even less about the earth beneath their feet an the skies overhead this book is for the most part as valid and helpful today as it as when first written in 1911.

After all, dandelions,toads, robins, and constellations have changed little since then! And todays concern with the quality of life and the impact of people on soil, water, and wildlife makes this book even more relevant. it is because of the current growing concern with our natural environment that this volume, included in the revisions of 1939, has been brought back into print.

From the Publisher's Forward:

The Handbook of Nature Study, written in 1911, was revised in the spirit of its author by a group of persons in 1939. Little has been outmoded in Anna's love affair with nature. The screech owl's song, the bat's wings, yellow jackets lapping juice, all are fascinating and wonderful still. The poets quoted still speak tellingly of nature. Where knowledge has advanced, Mrs Comstock's stance and scientific care have saved her from blundering, The illustrations remain pertinent: rabbits playing in the moonlight, the toad from egg to adult, an ice storm, spider webs, flowers, trees, rocks, stars.

"In the early years," she suggests, quoting Liberty Hyde Bailey, "we are not to teach nature as science, we are not to teach it primarily for method or for drill: we are to teach it for loving."

Used in science and geography sections throughout the first and second editions of Paths of Exploration, and the first edition of Paths of Settlement.

Publisher: Comstock Publishing/Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801493843
Edition: 1986
Product: CUP100
Format: Paperback
Size: 6.125" x 9.25"
Pages: 888

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