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Whether you homeschool year-round or take breaks during the summer, you know that kids never stop learning. What the world has defined as “school” almost makes it sound like a punishment! But learning shouldn’t carry that connotation. Instead, let’s help our kids see it as a never-ending adventure—one that doesn’t stop and start according to the calendar.

If we see it as an adventure, if we provide resources made for the way kids learn, and if we make it fun…we won’t be able to keep them from learning.

Three Tips for Summer Learning Fun (or Any Time of the Year)

Did you notice that last phrase: “if we make it fun”? That’s the key. When something is fun we don’t have to motivate our kids to do it. They want to. And when they want to learn something, they’ll remember it better, see connections, and understand why they would need to learn the information or skills.

Tip #1: Provide Engaging, Interactive Resources

No matter what type of learners your children are, all kids benefit from engaging as many senses as possible in the educational process. Whether it’s doing puzzles, cooking, creating art, answering questions, or simply discussing what they are reading about with you—interaction involves children in the subject matter, and that is a powerful learning tool!

Tip #2: Bring History to Life Through Stories

We are all drawn to the power of stories. Without stories, leaders, historical figures, and events don’t seem real… they are just dates and facts. Instead of dry, “textbooky” approaches to learning about them, stories help kids see historical figures as real people—people they can relate to, be inspired by, and learn from their mistakes. They can imagine what it was like to live during key events in our history.

Tip #3: Enjoy Hands-on Learning

Have you ever avoided hands-on activities because you just didn’t want to deal with the mess? I know I did, but looking back, the times I remember most are when we did them anyway. The mess was worth it for the learning that took place. But even more, it was worth it because of the memories we made together.

The times we created art or built the volcano, the times we made timelines with paper taped together and lego mini figures spanning the dining room table, the times we did the salt dough maps and painted them… those were when learning happened and our family bonds were strengthened.

Our Summer Fun Bundle

We want to make it easy for you to put these tips into practice, so we’re excited to introduce you to our new, deeply discounted Summer Fun Bundle! In it you’ll find resources that keep learning fun during the summer.

It’s ideal for engaging kids through the summer in a fun “non- school” type of atmosphere. With a mix of art, cooking, read-alouds, and short readings with puzzles and activities—your kids will be able to focus on the foundations of our American heritage this summer. You’ll love the variety of activities!

This collection introduces you to two of our favorite series! Follow Mumford, a water droplet, as he travels to different historical events in The Adventures of Munford series. These stories are FUN and yet super informative at the same time. My boys loved them!

Your family will also learn about a variety of interesting historical figures in the Profiles from History series. Each profile is followed by thought-provoking activities and discussion questions. You can use the included timeline figures and customized maps to help students make connections and see the bigger picture, too.

Keep Learning, Keep it Fun

It’s time to bring fun back into learning, and summer is the perfect time to do just that! Enjoy the time you have with your kids as you go on a learning adventure together.

From now through June 19: Buy the Summer Fun Bundle and get Profiles from History Vol. 2 Digital Activities Download for FREE!


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