• 3 Tips for a Successful Homeschool Journey

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    3 Tips for a successful homeschool journey can set you on the path to focusing on what really matters in your homeschool -- heart learning.

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  • Getting to Know Great Britain {free mini-lesson}

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    Getting to Know Great Britain

    Text about Great Britain from Galloping the Globe: 
    A small island nation in the north Atlantic, Great Britain once ruled the largest empire in world history. Made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the official name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is normally shortened to Great Britain, Britain, United Kingdom, or the UK. The capital city is London.
    The flag of Great Britain blends the flags of England and Scotland with the saltire of Ireland’s St. Patrick. King James wanted a flag to show the unification of England and Scotland. The flag was designed in 1606 and became known as the Union Jack. St. Andrew’s Cross from the flag of Scotland was used as the base because James was the King of Scotland before he was the King of England. The Cross of St. Patrick was added in 1801 with the addition of Ireland to the commonwealth.
    Great Britain is famous for its royal family. As a constitutional monarchy, the king or queen is the head of state. While he or she may reign, they do not rule; meaning they have no power to make or change laws. The ability to make or change laws lies with Parliament. Officials known as ministers oversee the government of Great Britain.

    Learn the Lingo of Great Britain

    Have some fun trying these British terms in your homeschool today. 
    • write a short story using as many of the words as possible
    • create a fun spelling test
    • see how many new words you can make from the word list 
    • spend the day learning the new lingo throughout the day

    bloke – guy  

    mate – friend  
    petrol – gasoline 
    biscuit – cookie 
    boot – car trunk 
    bobby – police officer
    trainers – sneakers 
    ice lolly – popsicle 
    telly – television 
    jumper – sweater 
    bonnet – hood 
    tights – panty hose
    lift – elevator
    fringe – bangs
    bangers – sausages
    I’ll ring you – I’ll call you

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