Paths of Exploration, 3rd Edition

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Paths of Exploration Junior

Paths of Exploration, Older (Middle School) Extension

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Paths of Exploration, 2nd Edition

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Paths of Settlement, 2nd Edition

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Paths of Settlement, Older (Middle School) Extension

Paths of Settlement, 1st Edition

Paths of Progress

Journeys through the
Ancient World

  • The revised edition of the Student Bible Atlas (copyright 2015, ISBN: 978-1-5064-0010-5) has 30 maps instead of 31. Map number 1 in the original is not included. So you will need to subtract 1 from each map number listed in the text assignments (i.e., for a reference to "Map 2" in the text, you would use Map 1).
  • The pages for the "Solar System Chart" activity (which begins in Unit 1, Lesson 3, Part 4) have been moved from the Astronomy Lab Book to the Student Notebook Pages.