Teach United States geography to students ranging from grades 1-12 with the following resources. Our goal is to present geography in a way that intrigues students and teaches them valuable skills. Learning geography is an adventure, and it's much more than memorizing facts!

If you are in need of reference materials to accompany any curriculum, look no further. Within the collections below you will find atlases, maps, and even a state-by-state cook book!

Trail Guide to U.S. Geography

Looking for just geography? Trail Guide to U.S. Geography (grades 3-12) is a family-friendly, multi-level curriculum. Students use an atlas to answer daily questions,  complete weekly mapping assignments, and choose from personal research and discovery options.

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Cantering the Country

Cantering the Country (grades 1-5) is a unit study approach to U.S. geography. As you travel across the U.S., state by state, you will find literature suggestions, activity ideas, science connections, and consumable notebook pages relating to each state.

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Desk Atlas of the United States

The Desk Atlas of the United States is an intriguing book of maps, history, facts and symbols of each of the 50 American States.

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State Notebook

This State Notebook includes an activity page for each of the 50 states with space to put important facts and information about each state. Includes a set of peel-off stickers for every state's official flower, tree, and bird.

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