• 4 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Learning in the Summer

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    A little bit of thought and a touch of planning will have you learning and having fun the entire summer. You may even be ready to take a break and do some math come September.

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  • How to Survive a Homeschool Convention Without Losing Your Mind

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    How to Survive a Homeschool Convention Without Losing Your Mind. Tips for making the most of your homeschool convention experience.

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  • How to Use Art to Get Your Homeschool Groove Back

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    How to Use Art to Get Your Homeschool Groove Back // Geography Matters // Trail Guide to Learning


    Let's face it. We don't always get to all.the.things in our homeschooling. We tend to focus on the "most important" topics, or the topics we can teach well. This usually means that we focus on history, math, science, and language arts. After all, those are the things we're told will serve our children best throughout their life.

    But, what if…

    • You have a child who learns best by doing?
    • Your kiddos need a holistic approach to tackling subjects and topics?
    • You don't love any of those core topics yourself and find you do the minimum in order to get it done?

    What can you do to get your homeschool groove (back)?

    Beyond the Homeschool Basics

    There's a lot of debate around learning styles, right brain vs. left brain learning, and the trivium as the ideal form of education. While those discussions can certainly add to our understanding of education, as homeschooling moms what if it's as simple as the idea of consent?

    “A teacher who loves learning earns the right and the ability to help others learn.”

    Ruth Beechick

    If you've had a wonderful education experience growing up, then you're likely to still have a love of learning solidly intact. But, for most of us that love of learning was stifled or stomped out. To get back to the love of the basics, it might be helpful to start your homeschooling journey by getting your groove back, developing your own love of learning first.

    Art as a Love Language

    I'm not suggesting the other topics not be taught. I'm suggesting that while the other topics are covered you discover the topics that make your own mom heart go pitter patter.

    One such area might be art. It can truly be your love language.

    Art can also be a wonderful springboard to all other topics; geography, reading, history, music, and even math.

    Art also has the potential to relieve the stress associated with the intensity of lesson planning. It can truly be as simple as a blank piece of paper and a box of colored pencils. It can invoke rules, or not. That can be totally up to you.

    Art in Your Homeschool

    So, if you're with me this far you have likely decided which art camp you fall in.

    1. The homeschool mom who loves all things artsy
    2. The homeschool mom who can't draw a stick figure
    3. The homeschool mom who will try anything at this point to breathe new life into her homeschool

    Let's look at some ideas for each of those moms.

    The homeschool mom who loves all things artsy

    This might be you if:

    • You buy the big pack of crayons every single year.
    • Your refrigerator is covered with every art masterpiece created by your kids in the last year.
    • You're a doodler, sketcher… name the art medium, you enjoy something about all of them.


    Your keen eye for art and your ability to lead with your own love of learning can inspire your kids to try new things, get messy, and make their own creations.

    Use this love to pull in those other topics you might avoid, such as geography and history.

    The homeschool mom who can't draw a stick figure

    This might be you if:

    • You can't draw a stick figure for real. :)
    • You see art as messy and a waste of time.
    • You had a bad experience with art in school.
    • Someone told you you weren't any good at art.


    You're at the beginning of your own art journey, so why not bring the kids along and learn together! You don't have to love art as much as love learning new things. Your kids will catch your enthusiasm and be willing to support you as you embrace art.

    Use this support to add art to the topics that come naturally to you and you might discover that someone in your family likes art more than you think. And it might be you!

    The homeschool mom who will try anything at this point to breathe new life into her homeschool

    This is you if:

    • You'd rather weed the garden than teach another day in your homeschool.
    • Art? At this point you don't even like books!
    • There aren't enough hours of sleep to recoup from the day before.
    • You have no more hair to pull out.


    Art can be the guide to breathe new life into your homeschool, but ONLY if you don't view it as "one more thing to do." Let art be your outlet and set your children on a journey of delight-directed learning. They can be self-taught through art while you catch your breath.

    Resources for Art in Your Homeschool

    There are an array of ways you can pull art into your homeschool or even make it the centerpiece of learning. Let me know which you choose and how art inspires you in your homeschooling journey!

    If you'd like to make art the springboard, I recommend Geography Through Art.

    From the Introduction of Geography Through Art, "Why art? What is it about art that makes it a valuable learning tool? Why waste your time learning drawing the Eiffel Tower when you can just read about it in a book? The answer is simple: Hands-on activities reinforce knowledge in a concrete way. An art project can turn an otherwise uninspiring subject into something exciting and challenging! Combining art with geography adds deeper understanding of the peoples of the world and how they life."

    If you'd like to supplement with art, I recommend a variety of art resources to allow you capture delight directed learning. These resources include:

    All recommended resources as a special offer bundle found HERE.

    Articles Worth Reading About Art

    Art and Its Impact by Heather Hall

    Adding Art in Your Homeschool by Mary Prather

    Art for the Homeschool // Tricia Hodges // HSLDA

    Art Study for the Homeschooler // Homeschooling Today Magazine

    Art Makes a Homeschool Day Better // Homeschooling Today Magazine

    Fall in Love with Art // Homeschooling Today Magazine

    Inspire Art in Your Homeschool // Walking by the Way

    Creative writing prompts about art | High school essay topics // WriteShop





    Homeschooling Art Bundle Special Offer

    Art for all ages! Special Price for the Bundle: $52!

    This bundle includes:

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    3 Simple Ways to Foster a Love of Geography in Your Homeschool | 

    Let’s find ways to foster a love of geography in our homeschools that will lead our children to a greater understanding of the world and its people.

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    Tutoring is a framework for teaching that is based in relationship. It's a beautiful way to not only teach what you want your child to know, but to learn what your child would like to know. It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to start. Homeschooling works. 

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  • 5 Tips for Teaching Geography When You Don't Love Geography

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    Yes! You can learn to love geography and pass that love onto your children. These 5 tips for teaching geography when you don't love geography can restore geography excitement in your homeschool.

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    Looking for a reason to love Trail Guide to Learning Series? Here are 5 of them.

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  • Getting to Know Great Britain {free mini-lesson}

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    Getting to Know Great Britain

    Text about Great Britain from Galloping the Globe: 
    A small island nation in the north Atlantic, Great Britain once ruled the largest empire in world history. Made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the official name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is normally shortened to Great Britain, Britain, United Kingdom, or the UK. The capital city is London.
    The flag of Great Britain blends the flags of England and Scotland with the saltire of Ireland’s St. Patrick. King James wanted a flag to show the unification of England and Scotland. The flag was designed in 1606 and became known as the Union Jack. St. Andrew’s Cross from the flag of Scotland was used as the base because James was the King of Scotland before he was the King of England. The Cross of St. Patrick was added in 1801 with the addition of Ireland to the commonwealth.
    Great Britain is famous for its royal family. As a constitutional monarchy, the king or queen is the head of state. While he or she may reign, they do not rule; meaning they have no power to make or change laws. The ability to make or change laws lies with Parliament. Officials known as ministers oversee the government of Great Britain.

    Learn the Lingo of Great Britain

    Have some fun trying these British terms in your homeschool today. 
    • write a short story using as many of the words as possible
    • create a fun spelling test
    • see how many new words you can make from the word list 
    • spend the day learning the new lingo throughout the day

    bloke – guy  

    mate – friend  
    petrol – gasoline 
    biscuit – cookie 
    boot – car trunk 
    bobby – police officer
    trainers – sneakers 
    ice lolly – popsicle 
    telly – television 
    jumper – sweater 
    bonnet – hood 
    tights – panty hose
    lift – elevator
    fringe – bangs
    bangers – sausages
    I’ll ring you – I’ll call you

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  • Getting to Know Geography (and Great Britain) Through Art {free geography lesson}

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    Enjoy a fun mini-lesson in geography involving peanut butter and Stonehenge!

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