You Can Teach Your Child Successfully

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully

by Ruth Beechick


“The best all-round introduction to homeschooling ever published,” wrote a reviewer of this award-winning, now classic book on homeschooling. By curriculum specialist Dr. Ruth Beechick, it helps homeschoolers know what schoolteachers know so they need not feel intimidated. There is no obscure educationese, but as one mom wrote, it gives lay persons access to educational concepts otherwise beyond their reach. Packed with nuts-and-bolts help, so even veteran homeschoolers find more help than they dreamed was possible in one book. This book alone can take the place of a tall stack of unnecessary workbooks and other curriculum materials. Use from about fourth grade through eighth and even into high school in some subjects.

“My son was near tears, but once I released him from that [workbook] "drudgery" (his word), he found his writing legs using the Dr. Beechick's methods. They are two different animals. With Dr. Beechick's methods he began to copy JRR Tolkien's writing, then he tried telling it back to himself in his own words...and then in writing. He did that for a while, mostly of his own motivation. He would ask my opinion, and I would ask his and we would decide which passage to try it with, etc. Then one day he brought me an AMAZING original composition. It was jaw dropping. I think it's important to distinguish the two because they are so VERY different. The one is based on the classical model of writing. That is not Dr. Beechick's method.”

“I read your book You Can Teach Your Child Successfully. What a blessing! It takes the stress off and shows a commonsense way of pulling real learning together. We homeschoolers need more people like you.”

Publisher: Mott Media
ISBN: 9780940319042
Edition: 2012
Product: DSB425
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 388

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