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4 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Learning in the Summer #homeschooling #summer #learning #geographymatters


The school year has finally come to an end, and we have visions of sleeping in and going to the pool. Isn’t this when you take a break from learning?

Well, we’re homeschoolers, so we know learning happens all the time, right? But it is summer, and the learning is easy.

So how can we take advantage of the learning that is all around us, even in the summer? Part of keeping the kids learning is to do fun and interesting things. So here are 4 easy ways to keep learning, even though it’s summer.

Get Out in Nature

Yes, this is something many of us try to do all year, however schedules get busy, and the weather could be awful.

So if you live where winter is brutal, you may be trying to fit in all your nature time in the three months of summer. These warmer months are the time to take hikes and go camping. There is so much to learn merely being outside:

  • Life skills (building a fire or identifying poisonous plants)
  • Animal tracks
  • Tree identification
  • First Aid

Camping can even help our children’s character. It’s not easy, and there is quite a bit of work involved. Everyone needs to help and work as a team to have a fun, successful camping trip.

Getting out in nature may not increase their SAT scores, but it will provide life long benefits well beyond a standardized test.

Watch TV

Watching television may be the exact opposite of getting out in nature, but it can also be an easy way to keep kids learning in the summer. Of course, this isn’t something you would want to do all the time, but a well place television break when the temperatures rise can be a good idea.

Some of you live where winter isn’t the problem, summer is. When it’s already 80* at 9:00 am, you know it’s going to be a long day.

Why fight it? Turn on the ceiling fan and settle in for the morning before you head to the pool. Need some ideas?

  • Documentaries
  • Classic movies
  • Adaptations of books
  • Travel or Food Series

We have so much available to us today, and we can visit any time or place with the click of a button. Enjoy it.

Plan a Trip or Staycation

Summer is often the time we take a trip, whether to the beach or to visit family, but this gives you a great opportunity to have some learning fun. There are so many factors that go into planning a trip, and it’s easy to get your kids involved.

  • How many miles to reach your destination?
  • How many tanks of gas? What will the cost be?
  • Are there any worthwhile field trips along your route?
  • Will you have a time change?
  • Help budget for expenses

However, even if you’re having a staycation this summer, there are also ways to get the kids involved.

  • What new places can you visit within a certain distance of home?
  • Are there any local festivals you could attend?
  • Find any special deals on summer activities, such as the movies or bowling.

Take this break from your routine and help your children gain some of the real-life skills needed when planning a vacation or road trip.

Use the Library

Libraries are always a gold mine for homeschoolers, but summer can be even more exciting. Your local library will most likely have a summer reading program for your kids to join, but they often offer so much more.

Check their summer schedule for other fun activities such as movie nights, unique arts and craft events, and classes. Libraries work hard every summer to keep kids engaged in reading and learning, so don’t miss out on all the great activities they have planned.

Learning in the Summer

As you can see, your children can easily learn all summer long, even if you shelved the curriculum.

A little bit of thought and a touch of planning will have you learning and having fun the entire summer. You may even be ready to take a break and do some math come September.


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