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Overwhelmed Moms | Help! There isn't enough of me to go around!

There isn't enough of me to go around!

I love old movies. I especially love old Westerns. Usually there was the lone sheriff who patrolled the town, making his presence known to keep the peace secure and to show the bad guys that he was watching. He may have had a deputy or two, but the demands of daily life were usually a one-man show. Everything changed when something bad happened. If the bank was robbed, or a gang of bad guys came to town, the sheriff would deputize as many as were willing and able to help him. The greater the need, the greater the group called upon to help the sheriff do his job.

Homeschool Mom, One Woman Show?

Homeschooling is a lot like that Western scenario. We moms usually think of ourselves as a one-woman show, teaching our children on top of all of our other wife/mother jobs. Dad is usually busy with work, but able to help with after school events like sports and church, as well as to function as principal and counselor to mom. So where could we find a ready-made group of volunteers? Usually right in the living room!

Family Meeting

Summer is a great time to organize your posse. Set aside time to meet with your children and tell them your need for support. Let them know that they are an important part of your survival, and ask them to pray for you. Even fairly young children respond well to being included in these prayers and discussions. Especially talk with your children about outside-the-home activities that may be adding stress to your life. Park days and support groups that don't require preparation may be just the ticket for a little relief. Your children do not need constant interaction with others to enjoy the homeschool life, so consider taking a break from co-op, classes, lessons, and anything else robbing you of needed peace and downtime.

Give God the Glory

Let your survival and recovery be a group victory. Be quick to give God the glory for His sustaining grace, and don't forget to give your posse their due. Anybody smelling barbecue?


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Overwhelmed Homeschool Moms | Help! There isn't enough of me to go around!


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