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I’m writing this blog post on a day we were scheduled to be at homeschool conventions in Alaska. Alaska!

I’m one of the newest team members of the GeoMatters/Trail Guide to Learning Team, but I’ve been using this curriculum for over a decade and was mentored by one of the authors, Debbie Strayer. Last year was my first time attending the conventions there and my first time in the state of AK. It was a place I had only dreamed of seeing!

Are there places you’ve always dreamed of going but you chalk it up to “just a dream” or an unlikely reality? Alaska did not disappoint. The homeschool moms and families were beautiful people. The endless snow-capped mountains were absolutely stunning. The unique wildlife (so unique to this Florida girl) was unforgettable. When is the last time you had the opportunity to see a whale “breach” or coastal mountains dotted with Bald Eagles? It took my breath away! Needless to say, I feel as if I left a piece of my heart there. Upon leaving last year, I eagerly anticipated my return this April.

I’m sure many of you can relate. You’ve had similar experiences with your vacation plans, your senior’s prom or graduation postponement. My son graduates high school this year. We’re not sure if he will have a graduation ceremony. And, to be honest, we know that those losses are small in the grander scheme and certainly compared to the loss of health and life and economic devastation so many are facing. We have so much to be grateful for!

Alas through the endless cancellations and plethora of disappointments in this season, there have been so many beautiful and truly redemptive stories as well! Not being able to attend a homeschool convention might be a small inconvenience, but yet another challenge in challenging times. Conventions are a source of tremendous support and encouragement on our homeschooling journey. For some, it is a once a year exposure to such support.

Try Before You Buy
We here at GeoMatters, would like to do our small part in easing the hardships. You may not be able to come to our booth and look through the curriculum in person. So we would like to support you with a “Try Before You Buy” offer. With this free download, you’ll receive unit 1 of Paths of Exploration, the older and younger extensions for that unit, as well as any missing assignments from books we publish. We will also have a package with the two readers for just $10 if you’d rather not have to get them elsewhere or from the library. If you’re interested in another level of the Trail Guide series, let us know and we will get you a larger sample to peruse while you contemplate.

Free Curriculum Consultation
If you’re unsure whether or not this program would be a good fit, or which level you should use, please take advantage of our free curriculum consultations. Simply answer a couple questions so we know how to help and we’ll be in contact shortly with our suggestions.

New YouTube Channel

We have also made some introductory videos available for all of you who are new to Trail Guide to Learning or want to know more about it. These videos will walk you through details that you would have received while speaking with our staff members during conventions. Check them out on our YouTube Channel.

Unconventional Sale
Finally, our team here at GeoMatters would like to extend a discount of 10% off orders over $100. Simply use the coupon code “unconventional” upon checkout. It is our sincere hope that everyone who desires to utilize our curriculum will have the option to do so. From our team to your family, thank you for your continued support!


  • Posted On October 01, 2022 by Wanda Fisher

    Hey Elyce! I, too, have fond memories of Debbie Strayer…..I knew her when I was homeschooling my two girls starting in 1988. I wrote a Florida History Unit Study and ran into Debbie many times at Homeschool conventions. She always had an encouraging word for me———I’m sure that’s what she did for you also! Sweet, sweet memories……And still homeschooling after 30 years…..

  • Posted On October 01, 2022 by Cierra

    I just want to say how thankful I am for this company and everyone who works here. It’s has been easy to talk to everyone who helps, it has been wonderful learning about the product, and it has been great to have so many helpful people want you and your family to succeed even when they don’t know you personally. Thank you so much.

  • Posted On October 01, 2022 by Tia Parcha

    Thank you! We have the first unit of POE that we purchased and tried a few years back and have been wanting to try the middle school and junior extensions. Trail guide has been the one thing that we have tried and absolutely loved. We also have a little one coming up to school age in a few years and I am hoping to use trail guide with him. <3

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