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We Love You saleActions speak louder than words, don’t they! Someone can tell us all day long the words, “I love you,” but when their actions consistently (not always perfectly) demonstrate love we can know for sure that their words are more than just an empty cliché.

Don’t we all want to be loved that way!

I remember my first introduction by author Debbie Strayer to the Trail Guide to Learning series. I was at our state homeschool convention in Florida totally stressed out about not finding the “right” science curriculum for the following school year.

It was merely hours before the convention hall was closing and I saw Debbie at the GeoMatters booth. Actually, it felt like Debbie saw me! She left the booth as I was walking towards it to come embrace me….I guess I had the look of exhaustion and frustration all over me.

As I briefly explained my dilemma to her, she lovingly asked if I would like to have her explain how the Trail Guide to Learning series could be a potential solution not only to my science debacle but also to my feelings of stress toward homeschooling due to the recent birth of my fourth child.

I remember thinking several things after that meeting.

The first was how nurturing, loving and encouraging Debbie really was for all homeschoolers. I left feeling not only empowered but with curriculum to save me time and invest well in my young children’s hearts. I felt like I had a genuine cheerleader in my corner telling me that I was the best homeschool mom for my kids.

The second thing I learned was how passionate she was to see a practical solution for the already stretched homeschool mom. She could have simply continued to do speaking engagements and homeschool evaluations without adding on the job of writing.

During the month of February, we’d like to express our love to you by offering a 25% discount on any purchases between now and the end of the month. Simply use the code "LOVE25" at checkout.

But instead, she tirelessly and lovingly spent the last years of her life dedicated to creating a curriculum that she felt was needed for many homeschool families. A curriculum that was low on teacher preparation, high in thinking skills, and one that builds a love for learning. Love in action!

I remember getting the opportunity to meet with Debbie a year or two after that convention meeting. She sat down with me during a break at the library when she was writing and preparing one of the subsequent Trail Guides. For a season, the library was where she spent much of her free time writing. I could tell she was tired, yet clearly so full of joy sharing about the book choices and considerations as she wrote the next level—a curriculum put together with every detail included so you can just pick it up from your shelf and teach!

As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn about all of the curriculum that GeoMatters sells since I have become a member of the team. As I get to know the authors themselves and listen to their passion, I realize all of the material was thoughtfully and lovingly created.

At GeoMatters, our work and mission flows from a deep place of love and compassion for homeschool families! We are honored to provide services, resources, and curriculum to support and enhance your homeschooling journey.

During the month of February, we’d like to express our love to you, homeschool family, by offering a 25% discount on any purchases between now and the end of the month. Simply use the code "LOVE25" at checkout.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”


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