Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

by Bennie Rhodes


Christopher Columbus' greatest discovery was not the New World. As a young boy Columbus trusted Christ as his Savior and discovered the ways of God. This little-known fact was the reason for his adventurous life.

Columbus felt God wanted him to explore the world and find new land and people so that Christ could be proclaimed. Finding boats and money to make the trip turned into a grueling experience in discouragement. Kings and queens promised and failed him But Columbus was determined. He had promised God!

Growing up in Italy was exciting. Shipwreck,pirates, and storms marred his early sailing career. But he became an excellent sailor and businessman.

Columbus overcame problems with God's help, even mutiny and being bound with chains. See through his eyes the dangerous voyage to the New World as you read the words from his diary. Feel the excitement at sighting land a discovering gold. Weep with him over the massacre and troubles. Written as if Columbus is talking, walk beside him in

Publisher: Mott Media
ISBN: 9780915134267
Product: MM100

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