World Geography GeoPack

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World Geography GeoPack 

This GeoPack contains the Trail Guide to World Geography 36-week teacher's manual PLUS the key core materials your students will use throughout their study of world geography. This package include materials that can be used for multiple levels of students over a period of several years. Get everything at once and discounted besides! This is one of the best deals we offer across the board!

Select the atlas according to the trail level your student will follow. If you have students in more than one level you can purchase additional atlases and continent maps sets separately.

This package ships FREE* and includes:

  •  World PlaceMap — Visual aid for seeing the world as a whole, plus lots of facts and info.
  • Around the World in 80 Days — Used during the last nine weeks of the school year as a literature review of the continents studied all year
  • Geography Through Art — We can learn alot about the culture of a country through exposure to their art. This book has over 100 fascinating projects, many typical to what children in the featured countries themselves would do.They are assigned throughout Trail Guide to World Geography as appropriate.
  • Continents Map Set — Large scale outline maps of each continent and of the US. Most maps in this set are approx 17”x 22” or larger.  This larger scale provides lots of room for labeling.

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