Settlement House Divided Unit Package

Settlement House Divided Unit Package

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Fast forward through almost 50 years of mostly peaceful expansion and settlement, to the 1860s. That was when tensions between the North and South finally boiled over and ignited the Civil War, also called the War Between the States. This unit’s literature introduces Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, and opens windows into the lives of both ordinary families and great leaders on opposing sides. Students are challenged to think about, compare, and contrast the different points of view at the heart of this epic struggle. Even greater insight is gained from copying and discussing portions of speeches by Abraham Lincoln. Since state research and mapping are centered on the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions, the way is prepared to examine things like weather forecasting, air masses, wind systems, severe storms, and metamorphic rocks. Study of our Presidents continues, along with the fun of regional cooking and period songs, games and projects.

Package Contents

In addition to the core resources, the House Divided unit uses the following materials:

You will need to print student pages from the included PDF download file. For your convenience ready-to-use printed student pages are available for each grade. The six weeks of student notebook pages are only $15 for each grade level. (Hint: preprinted student pages save time, pre-planning, and wear on your printer/toner cartridges.) We really want to make life easier for you—if you buy all six units at once we'll give you one of them free!

Projects and games in the House Divided unit include:

  • Checkers
  • Soap Carving
  • Watercolor Activity
  • Civil War Lingo Concentration
  • House Divided Bingo
Product: LSP-2274

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