After living 14 years in metro Denver, Colorado, we settled in the rural Kentucky community of Nancy in 1999 where we enjoy the calmer pace of life in the country. It is a delight to occasionally observe deer playing while we sip our morning cup of java on the back deck. Listening to the beautiful songs of the birds or the wind rustling through the trees is a great way to begin the day. Nuisances are few, like having no Target nearby, deer eating the tomatoes in our garden, and the bandit raccoons, which have only made off with the cat food a few times!

We started home schooling our children in 1989. That same year we experimented with buying and selling geography materials in order to earn curriculum money. Josh loved selling in our convention booth and meeting new people so much that we eventually developed Geography Matters into a full-time business.

We have come a long way since then: developing and distributing our own outline products, publishing timeline materials, writing and publishing curricula, books and a U. S Atlas. We soon had to move out of the basement garage and construct a separate building on our lot to accommodate a growing business. Eventually we moved off of our personal property and moved in to a new building spring of 2014. Throughout these years we have enjoyed attending home school conferences, teaching workshops all over the country, writing magazine articles, and learning again right along with our children.

Our children (Libby, Hannah and Alex) grew up helping in the business by working in the office, packaging materials, laminating, preparing outline map packages and lending a hand at the conferences. Working at conventions provided wonderful experiences for them and was a tremendous value to the company. Libby published her own book of timeline figures, aptly named, Historical Timeline Figures, now only available in digital format. Hannah helped Dad design maps in Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book. And and Alex created a set of Bible Timeline Figures available digitally. Both girls have graduated from with honors as a Bio-Chemist (Libby) and Interior Designer (Hannah) and are now married with children. Alex works directly with us designing our books, ads, booth displays and website, ever endeavoring to push us toward the cutting edge of technology. His wife, Ashley, has become an integral part of the company as well through customer service and authoring our fabulous Profiles series of biographies.

Operating a business from our home has certainly been a challenge. We have especially learned in these past two + decades that anything of real value and excellence takes lots of energy, faithfulness, and faith in God. May He continue to bless our endeavors as we grow in the marketplace and as we pursue Him in our everyday lives.

Josh and Cindy Wiggers