Cindy Wiggers is an author, publisher, and national speaker. She is the developer of the hands-on Mark-It Timeline of History, creator of Trail Guide to Geography series, wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, and veteran homeschool parent. Her practical approach to teaching is drawn from real-life experiences and reflects her heart to help children develop a delight in learning.

In 1979 Cindy and her husband, Josh, established Geography Matters to create multi-level materials that enable families to learn together. GeoMatters continues to design and publish maps and other educational resources, including the Trail Guide to Learning curriculum series, Adventures of Munford series, and Eat Your Way cookbooks. Josh and Cindy make their home in Kentucky, where she enjoys gardening, hiking, grandchildren, and dark chocolate.



Cindy’s workshop presentations are full of practical ideas from true-life experiences gained from home schooling her three very different children and her genuine desire to see homeschool families enjoy the process of learning together. After attending her sessions, folks often remark Cindy's workshops provided the most practical and useful information they heard all day.

Roots Have Fruits - Where is Your Curriculum Taking You?

Trees can only bear the fruits of their roots, so teaching approaches have roots from their history and philosophy and certain fruits will appear. Come to learn about approaches to teaching, their natural outcomes and how to cultivate good soil for learning. Be prepared to remove any unwanted fruit that may be heading your way! This workshop is great for beginners as well as veterans who want to check their roots!

Notebooks: The Secret of Adding Spice to Any Curriculum

Did you know George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all kept notebooks? Explore this natural approach to education that encourages your students to be life-long learners! Open the door to self-motivation, academic excellence, creativity, and true learning for your children through notebooking. See how readily it adapts into any home education program and how to start your family on this exciting journey of discovery learning.

Cultivating a Love for Learning

How can homeschooling be different from schooling at home? What can you do to change the dynamic in your homeschooling interactions? Listen to ways to transform schooling struggles into schooling success. Come to hear how to develop, or rekindle, a love for learning in the hearts of those you are teaching!

Raising a Critical Thinker!

Thinking skills are buzzwords in education today – everyone wants to include them in their curriculum plans! In this seminar, Cindy will explain what thinking skills are and how to incorporate strategies into daily life that will bring great results in your child’s ability to think. Include these ideas to add critical thinking to any curriculum! For Christian homeschoolers, this is a great way to prepare your children to give an account for the hope that is in them.

Teach Effectively and Save Your Sanity!

Connectedness is the most important quality in effective and memorable teaching! Teach history, science, geography and language skills, such as reading, writing and word studies to multiple ages using the unified approach. Come to this workshop to hear how to unify your subjects, engage your students and teach critical thinking skills while still having a life!

Making Geography Memorable

Teaching geography can be overwhelming for teachers and sometimes boring for students. In this workshop, Cindy will offer helpful tips on making geography a memorable, and even fun experience. She will share how to incorporate geography into everyday life and your other schooling subjects. With hands on activities and practical ideas, your children will start enjoying geography, and learning about the world, we live in!


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