This page is designed to aid families, teachers, and school contact persons in placing orders. The information here should help streamline your ordering process.

Purchase Orders
School POs should be emailed to orders@geomatters.com. Our terms are net 30. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure accuracy and avoid unnecessary delays caused by calls and emails back and forth needed to clarify the order.

    (1) Product Code Numbers. Please be sure to use product code numbers when you order. Product code numbers can be found at the SPEC tabs under the product description.

    (2) Grade Levels. Printed Student Notebook Pages associated with the Trail Guide to Learning Series should be ordered by grade level. Be sure to include grade level pages that are needed.

    (3) Digital Downloads. If you order any digital download be sure to include the email address to whom we should send the download link.

    (4) Christian Content. Besides the unfunded packages (explained below), individual titles that are not approved to pay with public funds are scattered throughout the website. If you refer to this Not Publicly Fundable list you can verify your order doesn’t contain items with Christian content. We can not always monitor that from our end for you. If you notice any other items on our website that are not approved and missing from the list please notify us so we can update the list.

What are Gov Funded Packages?
Some of our curriculum bundles require books which contain Christian content and therefore not approved for paying with government funding. For the purpose of enabling families who use government funding to purchase the discounted curriculum packages, we have created government "Funded" packages that eliminate unacceptable titles that are in the complete package.

Getting Everything You Need
All the books in the complete package are necessary components of the school year. So a separate “unfunded” bundle is available that contains only the books that were removed from the complete package. So to make sure your families have everything they need typically schools will purchase the funded package  and families get the unfunded materials on their own. Both bundles together make up the complete package.