1. Outdoor Thermometer

You must purchase this item. Hang it someplace where it is not in direct sunlight. This will allow your thermometer to get a more accurate measurement of the air temperature.

2. Rain Gauge

  • Wide-mouth jar (glass or plastic)
  • 6-inch or regular ruler
  • Glue (optional)
  • Marker (optional)
  • Masking tape (optional)
  1. Use a jar that has as wide an opening as possible. It can be either glass or plastic.
  2. Glue an inexpensive six-inch ruler to the outside of the jar, or use a regular ruler and a permanent marker to draw the measurements on the jar itself. If the jar is glass, stick a piece of masking tape on its side, and draw marks on the tape.
  3. To measure rainfall at your house, be sure to place your rain gauge in an open space, a little off the ground and away from trees if possible.

3. Barometer

Click here to download the instructions.

4. Anemometer

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5. Weather Vane

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