Adam and His Kin

Adam and His Kin

by Ruth Beechick


Your children learned in Sunday school about Adam and Noah and all their early adventures, but they never had their eyes opened as this book will do for them. Most families read this aloud because the parents, too, want this fresh look at the Bible. This narrative works wonderfully as a family read-aloud. A family in South Africa wrote, “Thank you for a most profound and incredible book that caused us as a family to have some wonderful discussion time together.”

“It was such a breath of fresh air reading it and imagining what it might have been like in the beginning.”

“Here’s a big "woo-hoo!" for Genesis Finding Our Roots and Adam and His Kin. We started this school year with Creation and are using these two books to help our studies. I am really enjoying them—and so are the kids. Genesis is packed with lots of information and Adam reads like a story book. I really appreciate that in Genesis, she has word studies, so the kids get introduced to the original meanings of words. These are well worth the money—more like an investment. Teaching our kids the Word is always worth the time and money—right?”



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Publisher: Mott Media
ISBN: 9780940319073
Product: DSB650
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 176

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