American History Resources Bundle

American History Resources Bundle

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GeoMatters first came on the scene in 1989 selling outline maps and Educational Insights products at small home school conferences.Today not only do we publish our own outline maps, Desk Atlas of the United States, and other titles, we are best known for the award-winning Trail Guide to Geography series.

Our current ongoing project is creating and producing the popular Trail Guide to Learning complete homeschool curriculum series with some of its supportive resources.

Along the journey we began producing historical fiction readers beginning with Adventures of Munford. The Munford books are delightful readers used with the Trail Guide to Learning.

Soon we added the Profiles from History series of biographies.

Then, recently we added two more great historical fiction books to our family; Eve of Revolution and Ambush in the Wilderness

Read on for a glimpse of Munford, or head on over to Munford’s webpage for more details.

Adventures of Munford Series—is a set of intriguing elementary readers and family read-aloud books, as seen through the eyes of an adventurous water molecule named Munford. Munford not only witnesses first-hand many of the landmark historical events that formed our nation, but he often lands right smack in the midst of the adventure.

Is he water, gas, or solid? Whether he is condensation on the side of a glass, steam from a tea kettle, or even sneezed right out of a fellow's nose, children love speculating how he will show up next. Beautiful watercolor illustrations throughout, plus an informative summary at the close of each book with facts surrounding the events depicted in the story.

Read on for a bit more info on the Profiles series.

Profiles from History Series—introduces your children to some real people from our history in a three volume set. Each book has 18-20 biographical sketches of the people who influenced the culture, development, and growth of our nation. Kids love the crossword puzzles, word searches, timeline figures that compliment each profiles and we love how the activities add interest and improves memory retention. See the samples tab for a list of the people covered and samples of the games and activities.

American History Bundle

So here it is! All of these great biographies and literature in one specially priced package—shipped for free.

  • Use for independent reading and nightly read aloud time.
  • Supports and adds variety to any study of US History.
  • A welcome addition to any home or school library.

Regardless what students are learning in their school setting these books can enhance your children’s understanding of their heritage and the life and culture of when our nation was being formed.


  • 58 biographies with corresponding timeline figures, games and activities
  • 6 Historical fiction books covering events from the French and Indian War to the Klondike Gold Rush.

ALWAYS SHIPS FREE and includes the following:

If you are using Cantering the Country for your 1st-5th graders, this bundle of biographies and historical fiction books helps forms a core for the history and literature sections and are referenced by name throughout.

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