Mission 1 Co-op Kit

by GeoMatters



This custom kit includes a beta copy of Mission 1 Discovering Earth’s Terrain logbook.  The logbook is available for Elementary, Middle School, or High School levels. Order your kit according to student level. Since this is a beta copy you may discover errors. We welcome any feedback and corrections for improvement you may wish to share. 

The kit includes the following items:

• Student Logbook (Elementary, Middle School, or High School levels)
• Continent Map Set (Double-sided outline/physical maps of each continent.
• Nystrom World Atlas (Grades 4-12 used as a reference with the logbook and maps)
• Set of 8 gel markers

Select Elementary Kit or Middle School Kit

Consumables Logbook and Maps $20

If you have a second student who can peacefully share the atlas and markers you could save by getting the consumables kit. This includes the Student Logbook and Continent Map Set for an additional student Select Elementary, Middle School, or High School.

Terminology Handbooks  - We hope to provide a download link to print the terminology hand book.  This will be sent to your email address when it is ready. Print the 12 pages of 8.5 x 11 paper, assemble, fold and staple. If we can get the layout finalized in time we will send an email link to download this file. There is no additional charge.

There is no shipping charge for orders placed by August 25th. You will get your materials from Libby.


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