RealEarth® GlobeMap

RealEarth® GlobeMap


Finally a map of all continents of the Earth in the same scale. It is both world map and 3-D globe wrapped up into one fascinating globe that is hard to put down. Incorporating the best features of both, this wonderful GlobeMap invites students to handle it, turn it around, explore the world and discover for themselves this place we call Earth.

The RealEarth® GlobeMap™ makes it easy for students to do mental mapping as they discover for themselves the antipodes (opposite places on the earth's surface), location and relationship of places, and more. With flat faces, the GlobeMap does not need a base; now students can see both north and south poles without the distraction and hindrance of the base found on all other globes.

Perfect for students to keep in their notebooks. This GlobeMap™ folds with tabs to form a 5-inch globe — loosen four tabs and flatten to store.

Used throughout Paths of Exploration.



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Publisher: Universal Marketing Company
Product: RE200

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