Surviving Jamestown

Surviving Jamestown

by Gail Langer Karwoski


Sam Collier, a twelve-year- old, serves as a page to John Smith during the relentless hardship experienced by the founders at the first permanent English settlement in the New World.


"Arrows rained down on them as the colonists fumbled to prime their muskets. Only a few of the gentlemen were carrying the burning rope match needed to fire their guns. John Smith raised his musket and fired. Sam crouched lower and covered his head. Arrow slammed into the mud around him. A man close to him suddenly screamed."

Used in the Jamestown Unit of Paths of Exploration.

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers
ISBN: 9781561452453
Edition: 2001
Product: PT200
Format: Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 200

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