Trouble For Lucy

Trouble For Lucy

by Carla Stevens


Lucy! Get that dog away from here! How often do I have told you that he is not to go near the oxen." Lucy's father is touchy because he's worried about her mother, who's expecting a baby any day. The year is 1843 and the Stewart family is emigrating to Oregon by wagon train. And Finn, Lucy's frisky fox terrier, just can't seem to stay out of mischief.

One day when the wagons break camp to move on, Finn is nowhere to be found. Lucy knows her father will be angry, but she can't help that. She simply has to sneak away from the wagon train and search for her missing puppy.

Carla Stevens' story is based on actual journals of the pioneers' journey to Oregon. the text combines with Ronald Himler's striking illustrations to evoke an exciting time in American history.

Used in the Trails West Unit of Paths of Exploration.

Publisher: Clarion Books
ISBN: 0395289718
Edition: 1987
Product: IN220
Format: Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 80

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