Squanto's Journey

Squanto's Journey

by Joseph Bruchac

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Without Squanto, the first Thanksgiving celebration would never have been possible.

In 1620 an English ship called the Mayflower landed on the shores inhabited by the Pokanoket, and it was Squanto who welcomed the newcomers and taught them how to survive in the rugged land they called Plymouth. He showed them how to plant corn, beans, and squash, and how to hunt and fish. And when a good harvest was gathered in the fall, the two peoples feasted together in the spirit of peace and brotherhood.

Almost four hundred years later, the tradition continues.

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Publisher: First Voyager Books
ISBN: 9780152060442
Edition: 2012
Product: XJ-IN225
Format: Paperback
Size: 11" x 9"
Pages: 212

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