Galloping the Globe

by Loree Pettit & Dari Mullins


Word searches, mazes, maps and more...clues, puzzles, and animals galore! What an enchanting way to learn geography—a unit study/discovery learning resource entitled Galloping The Globe.  This literature-based geography curriculum is geared towards the K - 4th grade children.

Galloping The Globe can be used from 1 - 3 years and covers all 7 continents. Incorporating the student notebook approach, it integrates 8 categories of learning activities:

  • Basic Geography
  • People/History
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Activities
  • Internet Sources
  • Bible

This is a wonderful introduction to world geography using a notebooking approach to learning.

The lessons are designed to engage the children's hearts and minds through variety and interaction. Keeping the notebook will only serve to encourage creativity as they become accustomed to producing a lasting product while experiencing hands-on learning. Most of the literature will be found at your local library, but a few resources are recommended for purchase if you plan to complete most of the suggested activities. 

Galloping the Globe is available in paperback, digital download, or both. The paperback version provides the printable maps, flags, & activity pages PLUS over 135 bonus pages on a CD-ROM bound in the book! Grades K-4.

"If you've got kindergarten through fourth grade students, and are looking for unit study material for geography, hold on to your hat and get ready for Galloping the Globe! Loree' Pettit and Dari Mullins have written this great resource to introduce children to the continents and some of their countries. This book is designed to be completed in one to three years, depending on how much time you spend on each topic. And for each continent, there are suggestions and topics galore."

Leslie Wyatt at Home School Enrichment

"This book is well-organized and will save many busy home school moms a lot of time. If I were going to write a book-length geography unit study guide, it would be just like this. Now I don't have to, because Loree' Pettit and Dari Mullins have already done such a good job!"

Virginia Knowles in "The Hope Chest" newsletter

"Galloping the Globe is great. We use the curriculum in our co-op classes with 2nd and 3rd graders. The children love it! The lessons are well researched and the materials are all emcompassing. I would highly recommend this curriculum to homeschoolers as well as any educator."

Tracy Hall, Rineyville, KY

"I recently purchased this gem. My boys are soooo happy! (So am I!)"

Kerri Ann

"We are using Galloping The Globe not only for geography but also for history and loosely for science. Our kids are 2nd grade, K and pre-K. I had gone back and forth about the history issue and after prayer and discussion with my husband, we decided that historical biographies are the way to go for our kids at this age. GTG lists a lot of wonderful biographies! This decision was confirmed after just a few weeks of reading aloud the fascinating GTG-recommended biographies. Our kids have been fascinated with Christopher Columbus, Leif Erikson, and especially the missionary stories." Galloping The Globe is a great start!"

Linda from Southern California

"You all have done A LOT of work on the GTG. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Galloping the Globe!! Thanks so much for putting so many long hours and hard work into such a wonderful program!!!"
Melanie Cornett

"We are greatly enjoying GTG!"

Renee in TN

"This book is great! A geography unit study for young learners grades K-4. We started doing 5 in a Row, and my girls loved placing a story disk on our large wall map indicating where the stories took place, but that was where their interest stopped. With Galloping the Globe, the focus is more on the geography. This approach will captivate your children and create a love for geography!. Subjects included in this unit study are Geography, Bible, history, science, literature, and vocabulary. Maps and flags, reproducibles, puzzles, games, and craft ideas are also included! I highly recommend this!!!! The additional books needed include: Considering God's Creation, My Father's World (Rod and Staff), and some others. A great way to incorporate a number of great resources in your studies while teaching children of multiple ages. Many of the literature books suggested, if not all, listed can be found at your local library. Great recipe ideas, crafts, outline maps, flags to color, and much more are included!"

Christian Character Matters

"This is our 2nd year using Galloping the Globe and the lapbook that goes with it. Our whole family really loves our geography time! You make wonderful products!"

Shannon Anderson


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Publisher: Geography Matters
ISBN: 9781931397650
Edition: 2010
Format: Paperback or digital (.pdf)
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 272

Since Usborne's Book of Famous Lives is out of print what do you recommend I use to replace it?

Usborne's Book of Famous Lives was a compilation of 5 smaller Usborne books. Two books, Inventors and Explorers, cover about 50% of the references to Famous Lives listed by Galloping the Globe.

You may also check with your library for books on the same people at the appropriate level for your student.

We substituted other books and references on the more recent printings of Galloping the Globe.

How can I learn more from people who are using this curriculum?

Join our Yahoo users group.

If I buy Galloping the Globe with the additional resources can I get a discount?

We offer discounts when you buy a bundle of resources that compliment Galloping the Globe. See Bundles section of our Website.

Are the other books easy to find at the library or are they more obscure titles needing time and research?

Most books were found at the authors' local library. You may need to check your library for availability or select from similar topics that your library has on their shelves. The intent of the authors was to make it fairly simple to find the resources to use the curriculum and to organize for you what and who to study for each country. If your library does not have the recommended resources search for age appropriate titles on the same subject.

What other resources do I need?

The authors recommended a few core foundational books to have handy. They are not absolutely necessary to make use of Galloping the Globe since many book choices are available at your local library, but it does make planning easier. The following books are mentioned complete with page numbers throughout the curriculum for your convenience.

Highly recommended:

  • Our Father's World - student book (second grade social studies by Rod & Staff, 606-522-4348)
  • Missionary Stories with the Millers by Mildred A. Martin
  • Great for God by David Shibley
  • Children Just Like Me by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley
  • Atlas (Jr. Classroom Atlas)
  • Big Book of Book and Activities by Dinah Zike
  • Eat Your Way Around the World by Jamie Aramini
  • Geography From A to Z by Jack Knowlton
  • Maps and Globes by Harriett Barton
  • Aquarium Guide
  • Zoo Guide
  • Children's dictionary

Can I make copies of the flags and maps and activities for my students?

Yes you may copy pages for your own student use, not for a school or for others.

Do I need to purchase a separate book for each student?

No, the book is a teacher's guide and student resource. No student book is needed because each student will make their own notebook throughout the course.

How many years can this unit study be used?

You can teach from Galloping the Globe for 1-3 years depending upon how many of the assignment choices you use. When you study a place that your students have special interests in, feel free to spend more time and go into more depth.

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