Modeling Clay with 3 Basic Shapes

Modeling Clay with 3 Basic Shapes

by Bernadette Cuxart


Teachers, parents, and kids will adore this funny and instructive book for sculpting clay! Modeling Clay with 3 Basic Shapes is a step-by-step guide that shows children how to create more than 40 adorable clay animals (and helps teachers and parents guide them!)

Modeling Clay with 3 Basic Shapes starts with three basic shapes (ball, worm, and teardrop), and builds on these to help children learn how to create personality-filled clay critters. The book also contains:

  • Helpful photos and illustrations
  • Numbered steps and crystal-clear directions
  • Funny text to keep kids (and adults!) entertained
  • Endless fun projects, including pandas, owls, rhinos, kittens, puppies, snakes, koala bears, raccoons, snails, turtles, fish, and more
  • A technique guide to help teachers and parents lead the projects

This beginner's modeling book is perfect for a rainy day or art class project, and will help foster and encourage creativity in your children or students!

This book is used as a replacement book for Create Anything With Clay used in Paths of Progress.

Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing Co.
ISBN: 9781438009087
Edition: 2016
Product: IN400
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.875" x 10.5"
Pages: 96

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