Rummy Roots

Rummy Roots


***These are no longer available to us to resell. ***

Rummy Roots was created to increase English vocabulary in a fun and stress-free way. All learning styles have been incorporated into the ROOTS games, so that teacher or parents of standard, gifted or LDS children alike may open and increase the long term memory of their students. The goal is to develop a love of language and learning for all students! 4 games in One!

Used as a core resource with Paths of Progress.

Why Learn Greek and Latin Roots?

Greek and Latin roots, when combined together, form many of our English words. Knowing these root meanings adds a deeper level of comprehension and helps increase S.A.T. scores. Teaches 42 Greek and Latin Roots.

Why Dictionary Competency Skills?

Most children find Dictionaries very frustrating and drill practice too boring. Included are dictionary skills to alleviate these problems. Alphabetizing skills and Dictionary Guide Words are reinforced by scanning the Word List and looking under “Headings”. Dictionaries need no longer be a place where no one wants to go, but rather a fun-filled place with interesting facts to find.

Product: EH400

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