Paths of Progress High School Extension Packages

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Please Note: Writers INC: A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning has gone out of print and is no longer included in this package. It may still be available from other online sources.

The Paths of Progress High School Extension extends the grade level for teaching with Paths of Progress up to a high school level. Students will use one additional reader for each unit plus a few extra reference/study materials. This downloadable Extension provides additional reading assignments, vocabulary words, research and reporting, Enrichment Activities, and a new "Menu" section that allows students to delve in deeper and make more connections with the same topics taught in the Paths of Progress text.

The curriculum lessons (Paths of Progress High School Extension) digital download are  included in the Compete Package and Government Funded package. 

Important: This supplement is not a stand alone curriculum. You must have Paths of Progress text curriculum in order to use the Extension.

Books used with the Paths of Progress: Extension:


Additional Resources:


Attention Schools:

Four books in this package include Christian content which can not be paid with government funding. If you are paying for your order with government funds, please select the Funded Package.

You will still need these titles to complete the curriculum. If your school is buying the funded bundle, you can purchase the unfunded books by selecting the Unfunded Package.

The non-secular books in the unfunded package are:

ISBN: 82024
Edition: 2011

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