Settlement Unity Restored Unit Package

Settlement Unity Restored Unit Package

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Following the Civil War, the United States entered a difficult period of rebuilding those things and places that had been destroyed. But restoring trust and healing to our deeply wounded nation were slow to happen. Through their reading, students experience pioneer life, follow the adventures of a newly freed slave, and meet Samuel Francis Smith, author of “America.” While copying this favorite patriotic song, they explore its themes, imagery, and rhyme patterns. Investigation of the Presidents continues, and research and mapping of the Southwest and Pacific Coast regions complete this year’s state study. Because of a newly realized need for standardized time, and the unusual features of the west, students are introduced to things like climate and time zones, continental plates, earthquakes, volcanoes, and crystals. Regional cooking, along with period songs, games and activities once again work together to unify the various topics of this action-packed time in our history.

Package Contents

In addition to the core resources, the Unity Restored unit uses the following materials:

You will need to print student pages from the included PDF download file. For your convenience ready-to-use printed student pages are available for each grade. The six weeks of student notebook pages are only $15 for each grade level. (Hint: preprinted student pages save time, pre-planning, and wear on your printer/toner cartridges.) We really want to make life easier for you—if you buy all six units at once we'll give you one of them free!

Projects and games in the Unity Restored unit include:

  • Rag Rug
  • Whirlygig
  • Rope
  • Growing Crystals
  • Watercolor Activity
  • Unity Restored Bingo
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