Exploration Daniel Boone Unit Package

Exploration Daniel Boone Unit Package

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Did you know that the Boy Scouts were patterned after Daniel Boone? He was a skilled hunter and observant tracker at a very young age, able to live off the land, earning him the praise of his father and many others in their community. You will study him and his family not only because of his skill but also because of his love for nature and his determination to lead the way for others to follow. In this unit you will learn about hiking, tracking, maps and communicating when separated by distance or language. All of these skills are studied in the context of the forests of America, including the Appalachian Trail. You will take an in depth look at trees and insects and their connections to other aspects of life in the wilds. Examining these topics also gives you the perfect opportunity to write about them, to explain what you have learned. This unit takes a look into the history of our land and its peoples, as well as an introduction to the move west of the growing frontier.

Package Contents

In addition to the core resources, the Daniel Boone unit uses the following materials:

You will need to print student pages from the included PDF download file. For your convenience, ready-to-use printed student pages are available for each grade. The six weeks of student notebook pages are only $15 for each grade level. (Hint: preprinted student pages save time, pre-planning, and wear on your printer/toner cartridges.) We really want to make life easier for you—if you buy all six units at once we'll give you one of them free!

Projects and games in the Daniel Boone unit include:

  • Weaving
  • Semaphone Flag
  • Torn-Paper Collage
  • Frontier or Settlement Matching
  • Daniel Boone Bingo
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