Exploration Lewis and Clark Unit Package

Exploration Lewis and Clark Unit Package

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The spirit of Daniel Boone continues with Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery as they travel farther west than any other American emissaries. Journaling was an important part of their role as explorers, making illustrations and writing descriptions of all the unusual sights they saw. Encouraging keen observation, your study of plant and animal life continues with the new and exciting sights found on the trail into the northwest. Equally novel is the study of the states of matter and the water cycle connected to their travels. With real accounts of their adventures, primary source documents make real the adventure, danger and exhilaration of success experienced by the group, including the exploits of a remarkable Native American woman, Sacagawea. Join the Corps as they travel to points unknown at the behest of their friend and president, Thomas Jefferson.

Package Contents

In addition to the core resources, the Lewis & Clark unit uses the following materials:

You will need to print student pages from the included PDF download file. For your convenience, ready-to-use printed student pages are available for each grade. The six weeks of student notebook pages are only $15 for each grade level. (Hint: preprinted student pages save time, pre-planning, and wear on your printer/toner cartridges.) We really want to make life easier for you—if you buy all six units at once we'll give you one of them free!

Games in the Lewis & Clark unit include:

  • States of Matter Concentration
  • Lewis & Clark Bingo
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