Assumptions that Affect Our Lives

Assumptions that Affect Our Lives

by Christian Overman


Are you aware of the underlying assumptions that shape your values and behavior? Have you given much thought to how your assumptions about what's "really real" influence your daily actions?

We often underestimate the importance of presuppositions that lie behind the values and behavior of ourselves and others. Like an iceberg floating in the ocean with just ten percent visible and ninety percent below the surface, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that words and actions are first shaped by beliefs that lie deep within the reaches of an inner concept of reality called a worldview.

Going beyond values and behavior to examine the underlying beliefs and assumptions that shape one's worldview is what this book is all about. Examining worldview assumptions is critically important for understanding the times and the culture in which we live. Assumptions That Affect Our Lives has helped thousands to make a difference in the way they live, by making a difference in the way they think.

Publisher: Ablaze Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780974342573
Edition: 2006
Product: ABP100
Format: Paperback
Size: 6" x 8.75"
Pages: 192

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