Journeys Through the Ancient World Gov. Funded Packages

by Debbie Strayer & Linda Fowler

$642.51 $110.00

The Journeys through the Ancient World curriculum requires a few books which are faith-based and which are not approved for government funding.

For the purpose of enabling families who use government funding to purchase the curriculum, we have created government "Funded" and “Not Funded" bundles that together make up the same content that is in the complete package.

If you are ordering for a public or charter school, or using government funding to purchase your curriculum, you will need to select the "Funded" bundle. Then, you can personally purchase the "Not-Funded" bundle separately to get the other books.

The Not-Funded/Faith Based bundle includes the following:

The Funded bundle includes everything in the compete Journeys through the Ancient World package except those titles.

Edition: 2017
Format: Various

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