Paths of Settlement Bible Supplement

Paths of Settlement Bible Supplement

by Elyce Tate


The Light for the Trail Bible Study Supplement Digital Download for Paths of Settlement coincides with the six units in Settlement. An easy-to-use guide provides daily assignments and helps students make the most important connection of all—the one between their faith and their view of the world around them.

Character Traits

  • Unit 1
    Boldness: A willingness to say or do what is right even in the face of fear or danger.
  • Unit 2
    Trust: Devotion to the principles of truth and honor, and those who believe in them.
  • Unit 3
    Wisdom: Good decisions based on personal knowledge and experience, and knowledge of God and His ways.
  • Unit 4
    Truthfulness: A determination to live according to the standard of truth found in the person and example of Jesus.
  • Unit 5
    Forgiveness: Releasing others from guilt about harm they have done.
    Restoration: The return of something that has been lost, or damaged.
  • Unit 6
    Growth: The process of becoming more mature.
Edition: 2010
Format: Digital Download

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