The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide 4th Ed.

by Maggie Hogan & CIndy Wiggers


20th Anniversary - 4th Edition

Geography Matters is excited to release the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. A number of changes makes this proven resource even more user friendly.

  • Fully updated
  • New website listings
  • Fresh new look
  • More convenient size
  • 180 printable student pages, maps, and charts in digital download format

Though this 20th anniversary addition includes all the same material as the original, we've eliminated about 100 pages of weight and bulk. When you register your copy with the unique serial number found on the inside back cover you'll receive a link to download the reproducible pages.

We are grateful for the many years this book has served the homeschool and educational communities and hope this new updated version will continue to meet the needs of the next generation of homeschool families and classroom students.


Too many Americans are geographically illiterate, but you don't have to be. This one source book provides you with all you need to know to teach this vital subject from kindergarten through high school. Part lesson plan, part unit study, part inspiration, and more.

From selecting appropriate reference materials, to constructing a timeline, to establishing a student notebook, this book will guide you through literature, science, history, and includes a complete multi-level geography course for middle and high school students, with Geography Matters' reproducible outline maps. To help keep history in perspective use any of the over 300 historical timeline figures, and notebook timeline.

This is a recommended resource for use with Trail Guide to World Geography and is referenced by page number throughout the course.


  • 2005 Homeschooling Parent
  • Magazine's Stamp of Approval
  • 2005 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum (Cathy Duffy)
  • 2001 Top 10 Award: Vicki Brady H.E.N. Radio
  • 1999 Reader Award: Practical Homeschooling

An important note concerning the "Digital Content Only" option above: This is not a digital version of the textbook. Purchase this product only if you need an additional license for your textbook, of if you bought the textbook used and need a new registration code.

"This is THE ultimate resource guide to geography! It has absolutely everything you could ever need to study geography! This truly is the ULTIMATE guide. It is everything you will ever need to teach geography from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. It contains many years worth of information and activities. There is absolutely no way this book could be finished in one year. It is a book you buy early in your child's schooling and keep handy for the next 12 years!"

-Holly Cameron at the Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide is an incredible resource of materials for teaching geography. While it does not provide day by day guidance for the teacher, it is full of ideas to make geography interesting and FUN. (See the review of Trail Guide to World Geography if you are seeking a more structured program.) A creative homeschooling parent who enjoys planning her own activities will find this book to be invaluable."

"Unlike boring 'find it & name it' lessons, this resource combines fun-filled activities, games, and projects—from wearing it, to collecting it, to eating it! You get a complete, innovative K to 12 geography curriculum incorporating history, science, math, and literature—plus a bonus CD-ROM with reproducible maps, timelines, student workbook pages, and more."

"If you waffle between being overwhelmed by teaching geography to wondering if it's even that important, or if you're still tormented by nightmarish grade school glasses that taught you only that geography was boring, you need to pick up this guide. It's sure to entice your kindergarten through 12th-grade students into geography study."

-Deborah Deggs Cariker at Eclectic Homeschool Online

"The first thing I did when I purchased this book was to sit down and read through the first unit which is basically a how-to for the teacher. I found the information extremely useful and I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to teach my children geography without relying on a graded curriculum. Since then I've used several lesson plans from the book and have referred to it frequently throughout the last few years. I plan to use it on a regular basis this upcoming school year."

-Five J's Homeschool Blog

"Admit it, unless geography is your passion, the need to remember which is longitude and which is latitude has long since faded. Realizing that, Ultimate Geography begins with a wonderful refresher course, not because the terms have changed much since grade school, but because the perspective has. It is also brimming with grade-appropriate lesson plans, games, and activities, including over 100 pages of valuable reproducibles."

"In my opinion this approach to geography will be far more interesting than a standard text on the subject."

-Cathy Duffy, Home Educators Curriculum Manual

This is a terrific book...we use it a lot!

-D. FaJohn

"I very rarely ever send 'fan' mail, but I just wanted to let you know that I think this program is absolutely outstanding!... (It) makes it easy enough for my 9 year old and challenging enough for my 13 year old. I thought about this book long and hard before purchasing, wish it hadn't taken me so long! Knowing then what I know now, I would have bought it at first glance!"

-J. Birkey

"I want to join the hundreds of very pleased customers of the Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. I am using it for the first time and am so pleased with the versatility of the program. You have done a wonderful job for moms that teach multi-level grades at home. Thank you!"

-T. Allard

"The best resource for geography and how to incorporate it into other subjects I have EVER used, much less seen!"

-T. Crane

"After eye-balling The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide for about 2 years and always saying, 'it's too expensive,' I finally bought it last year and am kicking myself that I did not buy it sooner. I find it is quite inexpensive for the great resource that it is. If one were to buy or check out the literary and research resources needed—the Ultimate Guide would be all they needed for all 13 years of homeschooling. I really love it and suggest it at the occasional talks I give to homeschoolers in this area."

-A. Cooper

"I am really loving your book, The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. You have so many great suggestions."

-Osteen, FL

"What a fun way to learn geography! The Ultimate Guide got us excited about preparing for the Geography Bee and showed me how to get far more out of my other subject materials by utilizing the student notebook approach. I love the Hans Brinker Study and the Conquering the Continents sections!

-S. Redmond

Publisher: Geography Matters
Edition: 4th Edition, 2018
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 264

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