Paths of Settlement Older Extension

Paths of Settlement Older Extension

by Kay Chance


Connect all your students to the same time period, and type of learning with the Trail Guide to Learning series Middle School (Older Extension) Supplement.

The Older Extension provides guidance for older siblings who are also using the learning series. It extends the grade level for teaching Paths of Settlement up through middle school. Content follows along with the Paths of Settlement books but at a more challenging level that takes students deeper. The extension uses higher level literature books and provides additional reading assignments, grammar, research and reporting, and enrichment activities.

You can choose each unit individually or purchase all six units of Paths of Settlement Older Extension lessons. Lessons are PDF downloads for printing or viewing on your computer or tablet. For more information on our product formats, visit our Product Format page.

Please note: This extension is not a stand alone curriculum. You must have Paths of Settlement curriculum in order to use the Older Extension.

All six readers are available for purchase. Check out our special Middle School Bundle prices and save.

If you use this extension and are teaching multiple students, you may wish to purchase an additional State Notebook with Stickers, USA Placemap, and extra watercolor supplies.

Edition: 2010
Format: digital download

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