Eat Your Way Around the World

by Jamie Aramini


Get out the sombrero for your Mexican fiesta! Chinese egg rolls! Corn pancakes from Venezuela! Fried plantains form Nigeria! All this and more is yours when you take your family on a whirlwind tour of over thirty countries in this unique international cookbook, Eat Your Way Around the World. Jam-packed with delicious dinners, divine drinks, and delectable desserts, this book is sure to please.

The entire family will be fascinated with tidbits of culture provided for each country including:

  • Etiquette hints
  • Food Profiles
  • Culture a la Carté

For more zest, add an activity and violá, you will create a memorable learning experience that will last for years to come. Some activities include:

  • Food Journal Passport
  • World Travel Night

Open your eyes and tastebuds and have great fun on this edible adventure.

This title is available in paperback, digital download, or both.

It's also used throughout Paths of Exploration.

You will really enjoy the recipes and country info included on each page. I got a copy a couple of weeks ago, and I love it!

—Garna Donahue, Director, Cumberland Christian Home Educators

What fun! This new book from Geography Matters is just the thing for adding spice to your world studies! (Pun intended.)

—Jean Hall, Eclectic Homeschool Online

I’ve always liked the idea of sharing an international meal at the end of a study in geography. Whether it’s with just your family or with a house full of friends, the children can present their geography research in word, song, artwork, or costume. Eat Your Way Around the World will help you with the food. The recipes are arranged by continent and represent the most popular dishes for each country. My favorites are tasty Italian minestrone soup and Indian chicken curry. But I’ve also served French onion soup, New Zealand kiwis, and English cucumber sandwiches and scones. Among the recipes are insights into dining etiquette. In France bread is served on the tablecloth and usually not buttered. Food facts are also sprinkled throughout. After instructions on how to grow a South American pineapple, you can read that this fruit was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and became a symbol of hospitality. Cut and staple together the book’s authentic-looking passport and each child will have a place to collect the seals from the different countries studied.

—Karen Andreola,

I'd been looking for a book with international recipes that I could do at home for a long time and this turned out to be the perfect book! I look forward to continuing to use the book. Thank you for writing such an easy book with such exotic recipes!

—Laurel, homeschooler from Birmingham, Alabama

Preparing theme meals with my daughter has been a blessing to me, it gives us a chance to cook together and talk about the various cultures and foods. Mostly I stand in the kitchen and talk, assuming the role of her assistant and helping her out when needed. The variety of cooking has increased her kitchen confidence and abilities, besides awakening her taste buds to new foods.

—Declared Unto Him Blog

We’ve used this cookbook in combination with our world studies as a kick off or grand finale to any particular place study and so far we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve tried—its a winner!

—Life Ventures Blog


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Publisher: Geography Matters
ISBN: 9781931397360
Edition: 2007 (paperback), 2016 (digital)
Format: Spiral-bound paperback or digital (.pdf)
Size: 6.75" x 9"
Pages: 128

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