Profiles from History - Volume 1

by Ashley Wiggers


The first volume of Profiles from History relates Stories of Those Who Are Worthy of Remembrance, taking a fresh look a familiar faces. Along with beautiful illustrations and fascinating stories, this book encourages children to think about the motivations of twenty historical figures. Activities and discussion questions help students recognize the effect these individuals have had on history.

Did you know...

  • Benjamin Franklin had such an impact that nearly 20,000 people attended his funeral?
  • Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press to make the written word available to all, not just to the wealthy?
  • Pocahontas bravely risked her life on more than one occasion to save others?
  • Francois Millet was one of the first to paint common people with honor and dignity?
  • Jesse Applegate blazed a safer trail out west so that others would never have to experience his pain?

Profiles include a variety of fun activities such as crossword puzzles, word scrambles and sequencing. Timeline figures add depth and perspective. Make learning personal and memorable with Profiles from History.

The profiles include:

  • Marco Polo
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • William Bradford
  • Squanto
  • Galileo
  • John Smith
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Pochahontas
  • William Shakespeare
  • Michelangelo
  • James Cook
  • George Frideric Handel
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Sacagawea
  • Mozart
  • Zebulon Pike
  • Francois Millet
  • Jesse Applegate

"These books are very attractive with quality art work and visually interesting page layout. The large font size keeps the amount of content to an appropriate level so that students do not feel overwhelmed. The stories allow rare glimpses of the author's Christian viewpoint, but not enough to put off a secular audience."

—Cathy Duffy Reviews

"We have had the wonderful privilege of using both Profiles from History I and II for the last couple of years to accompany the Trail Guide to Learning Series. I feel Profiles from History would be an excellent accompaniment to any history curriculum. The games, word searches and activities that go with each profile really help to bring understanding to the student as well as make learning about the characters fun. Anything that I can put my hands on to help my child get a better picture of a person from history or an era is an excellent tool, and Profiles from History is just that."

—Christy Slattman

"My daughters are always excited when it is the day to add a section from Profiles from History to our Paths of Exploration curriculum. The selections in the book help us meet historical figures on a personal a level. We learn new facts about them and experience life through their eyes in their time period. Using the timeline helps us see things as a whole – how what they accomplished fits into history and what else was going on around them. The activities included make learning fun and thorough as we adventure through history."

—Becky Hartmann

In our homeschool, living history books are our primary textbooks. Each biography in Mrs. Wiggers' books span no more than three pages, so we use the books as an introduction to a historical character and time period. Every story is a beautiful springboard for learning more about a historical person throughout the week. Along with supplemental resources, we reinforce comprehension with the discussion questions, overview maps, timeline information, and other activities at the end of each biography on different days. Mrs. Wiggers has been careful to include interesting, extraordinary details that provide my children with short (but thorough), enjoyable passages, and me with an indispensible resource that I can’t put down when I get started!

—Melissa Weber

I love the Profiles from History books because each story in them teaches me a lot, and I have fun while reading it! I usually don't remember much from my books, but in this series, the stories are not too long and are FILLED with interesting facts. I am so glad the author, Ashley Wiggers, was blessed with an incredible gift and hope other students will enjoy it and learn as much as I have.

—Jayna Weber (Age 12)

"A great complement for any curriculum as well as an interesting and inspiring book in it's own right, so get ready to begin your journey!" —Debbie Strayer "Very neat books!"

—Garnet Morey

"Love these books!"

—Lisette Blanc"

We've enjoyed using these last year and again this year."

—Korri Miller


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Publisher: Geography Matters
ISBN: 9781931397575
Edition: 2012
Format: Paperback or digital (pdf)
Size: 7.5" x 9"
Pages: 208

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