Exploration Pilgrims Unit Package

Exploration Pilgrims Unit Package

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The lives and journeys of the Pilgrims were shaped by their deeply held beliefs which guided them around Europe and ultimately across the Atlantic Ocean. The hope of freedom that was in them was a driving force which led them through many trials and carried them during times of hardship. Our students learn how to give answers and use context to determine meaning, deepening their ability to comprehend and respond to the circumstances of life. History sets a rich feast of people and places as well as habitat and wildlife as the backdrop to the life and death struggle of the Pilgrims. Narrative writing connects their experiences showing the flow of events as well as the importance of cause and effect. Reflecting the articulate speech of the Pilgrims, we learn about the nuts and bolts of words and word meanings as well as the everyday life of a Pilgrim family. Once again we take inspiration from those who have gone before us, who set a course and followed it with all their strength, leaving us a legacy of freedom.

Package Contents

In addition to the core resources, the Pilgrims unit uses the following materials:

You will need to print student pages from the included PDF download file. For your convenience, ready-to-use printed student pages are available for each grade. The six weeks of student notebook pages are only $15 for each grade level. (Hint: preprinted student pages save time, pre-planning, and wear on your printer/toner cartridges.) We really want to make life easier for you—if you buy all six units at once we'll give you one of them free!

Activities and games in the Pilgrims unit include:

  • A Pilgrim's Story
  • Pilgrim Bingo
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