Historical Timeline Figures

by Liberty Wiggers


All the same great world history timeline figures from (and also included in) The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide are available in color as a digital download!

Print as many as you need when you need them. These figures are appealing in art style, simple to understand, and greatly increase understanding of the flow of historical events. Color-coding and icons help students remember their facts and add interest to any timeline.

Select from two sets of figures, one with borders and one without. Over 340 figures in all.

Publisher: Geography Matters
ISBN: 1931397112
Format: CD or digital download

What are the game cards?

This is a bonus included in Historical Timeline Figures. Game cards give four to five clues for the event listed in a timeline figure. Answer the Who Am I? with fewer clues, score more points. It's amazing how much student remember from the cards!

Are these the same figures in The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide?
Yes. These are the same figures found in The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. In this book you are instructed to copy the black and white figures on colored card stock. The timeline figures in the CD-ROM are in color.

What kind of coding is included in the figures?

Icons in the corner are used to identify what category the figure fits in. Some categories include; battles, people, art and entertainment, rulers, governments, science, and exploration and discovery.

Seven different borders depict the time period of the event.

The color of icon in the lower corner represents where the event occurred. Blue icons represent events from Europe, green for Americas, and so on.

The set does not have every event I need, where can I get more figures?

No set can include every event that happened in world history. Therefore we've included a variety of generic figures in this set. Be creative. Make your own from the generic figure. Copy pictures from books, encyclopedia, or lnternet, or have students draw an image. For biblical events check out our Bible Timeline Figures CD-ROM.

How do I attach the timeline figures to my timeline?

You can use tape, glue stick, or print on adhesive paper to peel and stick.

How do I protect the quality of the figures?

Cover each figure with lamination before adhering to the timeline. Clear wide packing tape works great as a "poor man's laminator".

I don't have a color printer. Can I still use these figures?

Yes. The timeline figures can be printed in black and white (grayscale). Encourage students to color them for added interest.

Can I select and print only one timeline figure at a time?

There are 20 timeline figures to a page. You can select one page at a time and print one page of figures but you can't choose to print one figure. Cut out the figure you need and place the remainder in a clear pocket protector stored in the back of the notebook.

Can I use these timeline figures for my school?

Permission is granted to print the timeline figures for your family or small group ( up to 6 students), but the copyright restricts reproduction for an entire class or school. Each classroom teacher wishing to use the figures should purchase their own copy of the download and pay a license fee per student.

Can I print the figures in a different size?

Some printers have the option to print a percentage smaller or larger. Check your printer options. Another way to resize the page is through Microsoft Word. Here are the basic instructions:

  • In Acrobat Reader choose the "Grab Graphic" button (next to "Text Edit").
  • Copy.
  • Paste into a Word document.
  • Right click and format the page of figures in layout so it is in front of text.
  • Make it any size you choose and print.

What format is the download?

The timeline figures are pdf files which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. If your computer doesn't already have Acrobat Reader installed (and it probably does), you can download it here.

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