Paths of Exploration Junior

by Sara Butt


This carefully-constructed Junior Extension (K-2) is designed to coordinate with your main Paths of Exploration manual and provide you with a flexible and stress-free way to give your younger student a sense of ownership and inclusion in your family learning experience. Your student will learn about the early explorers and settlers of our nation, while being challenged by interaction with older students, and gaining a strong foundation of developmentally appropriate skills.

Incorporate younger students across multiple subject areas with quality literature, meaningful discussion, thoughtful notebooking and hands-on learning. Unify your homeschool day and encourage a lifelong love of learning with Paths of Exploration Junior.

You can also purchase Junior as part of a package. Phonics and math are the only subjects not included in the Junior packages.

However, for your convenience, phonics has been incorporated into the textbook in the following manner.

Kindergarten: We have developed the Teach Me, Too! Emergent Reader package. Instructions for using Teach Me, Too! are included in the Word Study (Part D) sections of the lessons. If you have a kindergartener to teach, and wish to use this tool, you must purchase separately (see pull-down menu, above). This package includes Eric Carle’s Animals Animals, The Rooster Crows, and a sign language chart.

1st and/or 2nd grade: The Learning Language Arts through Literature (LLATL) programs by Debbie Strayer and Susan Simpson have been integrated into the Word Study (Part D) and Guided Reading (Part G) portions of Junior each day. Of course, you may choose to use a different phonics/language program. We have incorporated LLATL because it follows our philosophy of teaching language skills with a natural, whole-language approach. This will also make for a smooth transition to the Trail Guide to Learning series in the future.

Student Notebook pages are required and sold separately by level or as a download of all three levels.

Publisher: Geography Matters
ISBN: 9781628630152
Edition: 2016
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 552

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